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Field Work Undertaken for the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Project

Field Work and Trainings

Since December 2016 we have been actively engaging communities in various parts of India around the concept of Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. This was birthed in Ladakh 2016 out of prototyping work for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project. As a result of these early trials, the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation was formed to oversee, manage and guide the various outreach programs happening under the SCR banner.

September 2016

Ladakh Ecological Development Group

In the location of the original prototyping work for the project a workshop was conducted on site at LeDEG in Leh, Ladakh with a mix of students from SECMOL, Kashmir and USA. This original group demonstrated the efficacy of communicating a model for creating smokeless fire in a format with minimal cost.

December 2016

Punjab University Chandigarh

This was the first workshop held outside the Ladakh test facility to trial the concept of running workshops for training both users and other trainers in smokeless cookstove design.

February 2017

Dharwad Karnataka

The first workshop amongst the community facing the issue of indoor pollution due to inefficient cookstoves.

March 2017

Kanha Tiger Reserve

The first big impact workshop held in a forest location with the dual objective of reducing indoor pollution and saving wood. This has become an ongoing relation as we did a follow up workshop later with a few more planned.

March 2017

IIT Delhi

The objective was to create awareness around the project and to forge relations for further roll out, as well as to identify and train up new trainers to join us in the field work.

April 2017

Sainik Farms, New Delhi

Here the objective was again to train new members in the process of Smokeless Cookstove making so the project can be expanded with multiple workshops in the field.

April 2017

Khampur, Delhi

This was a collaboration with a grass roots NGO to work exclusively with women. Here there was LPG penetration hence the objective was not entirely met as the chulahs are used sparingly during only winter months. Never the less it was an instructive learning experience for all of us.

May 2017

Kanha Tiger Reserver #2

A follow up workshop, some areas were familiar with our technique and hence were prepared to understand it better. This region has great potential to spread the project further by training more community people in the process of chula making.

June 2017

Khandwa, MP

By far the most successful workshop in a relevant location. Women suffering acutely with respiratory problems due to indoor pollution. Ideal format – sponsored by a corporate and facilitated with a strong grass roots NGO. Follow up workshop was planned for October. We have 12 community people trained in making the smokeless cookstoves who are implementing it on the ground.

August 2017

Bundelkhand – UP

While we were able to reach out to as many as 250 villagers, our ground partner NGO was not able to sustain the follow up work due to lack of resources at their end. We do believe that this area needs strong interventions at various level and SCF team would like to visit this area but with a stronger ground level partner.

October 2017

Khandwa #2, MP

This was our second visit to Khandwa with the primary reason to assess the actual implementation of chulahs (cookstoves) in households. Although the results were good, still the community needed a training refresher. Once again we trained some of the community members. Going forward, we plan to work with this particular community in an ongoing way to achieve a larger impact.

December 2017

Mt Abu – Rajasthan

The community was very keen to understand our model, but for them to actually take it forward requires collaboration with a strong local NGO. Rajasthan is one of the states which is in desperate need for solutions like this due to lack of natural resources and extreme poverty. The family who did our workshop is very happy with the results of the smokeless cookstove.

December 2017

Khandwa #3

The purpose of this visit was to once again assess our initial training to the community. It definitely gave us an understanding of how to fine tune our training models and we did a pretty detailed assessment of our work where we were able to compare health and usage data from prior intervention to post intervention. We have recorded at least 40% improvement on an average basis across multiple homes on a range of indicators.

December 2017

Kalimpong – West Bengal

This was an opportunity to showcase and make fund raising connections for SCF where we had an audience of American students who were visiting the place. We managed to reach out to select community members on the techniques of smokeless cookstove making.

February 2018


Train the trainer workshop; reaching out to the farm owners; and conscious individuals who are looking to adopt sustainable way of living and also helping communities through social impact. We were also able to reach some of the farm workers onsite and install our cookstoves in locations where they are used daily and where we can monitor the usage and feedback.

March 2018

Udaipur – Rajasthan

Held in conjunction with Shikshantar, we were able to reach a group of passionate youth who are interested to get involved in ongoing training workshops in the field.

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I first got involved out of curiousity to see how it was possible to help women in rural Rajasthan. I am a trainer with the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution as I can see what a positive impact this work has!

Neerav Yadav

Trainer, Smokeless Cookstove Foundation


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