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Household Air Pollution (HAP) generally caused by solid fuels used in traditional cooking methods, is responsible for over 3.8 Million premature deaths every year as per the latest WHO data. This is about 7.7% of the total global mortality.


The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working towards curbing the problem of Household Air Pollution. With its training program – the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution, SCF seeks to train the rural, migrant and tribal population.


SCF understands the success of its program can only be determined if the solution is adapted to specific cultural and social context of the regions it is working in. In light of this, SCF seeks to penetrate well in a given region.


The Smokeless Cookstove team has been working tirelessly since late 2016 taking the work into remote regions that are in desperate need of this solution.


Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh – Flagship programme

Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh – Flagship programme in partnership by Spandan Sewa
Samaj Samiti and Glenmark Foundation. After having done a pilot for six months, In June 2018, in association with Glenmark Foundation..

Uttar Pradesh Bundlekhand

This was one of the most overwhelming experience of smokeless cook stove workshop. Done in partnership with grass roots NGO Khushi Hona, we got an in-depth background about the situation facing the communities in this geography.

Andhra Pradesh - Koduru

In the month of January 2019 SCF team travelled to Koduru at the invitation of Dr. Abraham Thomas. Koduru is a village in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh. The district has over 10 villages with a total population of approximately 6000 people…


Since the inception of this work, we have introduced the idea of our smokeless chulah to a handful of villages in the Districts of Palghar, Kasara and Shahpur  in Maharashtra. In Palghar’s Sajjan village we were able to train a few community members in collaboration with one of our big supporters of the project.. 

  • Extremely upbeat to know that our Smokeless Cookstove training program
    4 days ago by smokelesscookstove_team Extremely upbeat to know that our Smokeless Cookstove training program in Dediapada, Gujarat is now yeilding results. As per our NGO partner for the project 'Jeevan Tirth', as many as ten villages have been introduced to this concept of smokeless chulahs. Our team will be on ground at Dediapada soon to monitor and assess the impact.  #smokelesscookstoverevolution   #ngo   #Gujarat 
  • Our mentor social enterprise himalayanrocketstove is presenting at IIT Mandi
    10 hours ago by smokelesscookstove_team Our mentor social enterprise  @himalayanrocketstove  is presenting at IIT Mandi today for the Himalayan Innovation Challenge with our unique pellet feeder unit! Successful test burns indicate that this pellet feeder when incorporated in our Eco Stove range can eliminate the need of cutting trees for fuel by a 100%.... Pellets are made of pine needles which are considered a forest waste.. it is this kind of innovation, dedication and spirit that may just help change the world ☺️! We are rooting for  @russell .the.rocketman and Abhi from the hot plains of Central India!  #socialenterprise   #sdgs2030   #himachalpradesh 
  • Smokeless Fire  Heres another one from Rhea Guptes series
    1 week ago by smokelesscookstove_team 'Smokeless Fire' .... Here's another one from Rhea Gupte's series for Smokeless Cookstove Foundation. Perhaps one of our first few zero cost & highly efficient mud chulahs that are rendered Smokeless because of Rocket Stove Technology. This was made in a beautiful ashram in Dharwad for and in collaboration with the Potter community of the village. Photography:  @rhea .gupte Location: Dharwad, Karnataka, India  #smokelessfire   #ngo   #smokelesscookstoverevolution   #Karnataka 
  • Our simple efficient easy to make zero cost mud chulahs
    1 week ago by smokelesscookstove_team Our simple, efficient, easy to make, zero cost mud chulahs based on Rocket Stove technology are easy to switch over; as an alternative to traditional open fire cookstove! Reducing smoke by upto 50%, it helps cut the fire wood usage by almost half, amongst other benefits to women and their families. Check our website to understand how it works...www.smokelesscookstovefoundation.org  #ngo   #smokelesscookstoverevolution   #beatthepollution 
  • Community cooking on our Smokeless chulah in a Korku tribal
    6 days ago by smokelesscookstove_team Community cooking on our 'Smokeless chulah' in a Korku tribal village in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Only when women see the benefits of a smokeless fire, will they adapt to a clean cooking solution.  #smokelesscookstoverevolution   #ngo   #madhyapradesh 


by Nitisha Agrawal | Jan 10, 2019 |

My nails and finger tips still bear red as I write this blog based on our experience in Koduru, Andhra Pradesh.  And in a manner speaking, I wish they remain stained red. For it’s the red of the earth that I had never seen or touched and played with. Read More

by Rhea Gupte | Feb 20, 2018 |

The condition in Chitrakoot is heartbreaking. On one side, there are lush patches of green, cultural heritages and historical landmarks, while on the other there are sufferings through malnutrition contamination and water shortage.Read More

Sometimes, travel means exploring more than what meets the eye, and giving back to the destination.

They say that travel opens up new horizons, helping you see the world in a different light, and when you come back home.. Read More

Nitisha Agrawal lives with the Korku tribe of Central India and writes about their little known culture and lifestyle.

There are two kinds of travellers in my reserved opinion. The first will meticulously plan their trips based on numerous hours spent on Tripadvisor and Google searches… READ MORE


We are on an exciting journey with Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. This journey takes us on a road to work with and explore the cultures and homes of some of the most beautiful and exclusive communities residing in sometimes remote and breath taking locations in India. As our scope of work is rapidly expanding, we often need extra set of hands to help out with various activities. Join the “Revolution”.


Household Air Pollution is an epidemic of astronomical proportions, affecting almost half of the world’s population. Our mission is to effect transformation by empowering those who need this technology to take it, use it, modify it, improve on it, monetise it and most of all… share it. You can be a part of the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution by supporting us with your time, energy, skills and passion.


Nitisha | Director

Nitisha heads up the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation as Director and is actively involved with various aspects of the training programs. She studied Sustainable Development and Solutions from Columbia University​, Earth Institute​ and thirsts for working towards conservation and protecting the environment. Based in Mumbai, she has her bags packed all the time ready for field assignments with the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution.


Russell | Mentor

Russell developed the Himalayan Rocket Stove project as a result of many years traveling in the Himalayas noticing deforestation and various climate related changes. He also came up with the recipe for the Smokeless Chulha which is being rolled out by the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation. Based in Australia and working in India, he juggles his life and work between the 2 countries, so email or Whatsapp is usually the best way to reach him.

The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working towards curbing the problem of Household Air Pollution.


Red Earth And Smokeless Fire

by Nitisha Agrawal | Jan 10, 2019 |


by Nitisha Agrawal | Feb 4, 2019 |


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