Research and feasibility studies

Clean cooking Programme monitoring & evaluation

At the stroke of Pandemic in early 2020, like with many organisations, our field work came to an abrupt halt. With a pause on that aspect of our work, we got an opportunity to study the clean cooking sector more deeply. Through this process, we have compiled two reports for our partner social enterprise – Himalayan Rocket Stove.
While building this experience, our organisation has begun to play a role of a facilitator within the clean cooking sector – an organisation dedicated to bridge the gap between solution providers and user communities.

-Community cooking nexus in India

 – Space heating (focussed on fire wood as fuel) gaps amongst low income communities in the Himalayan Region

Clean cooking consulting services

Facilitating clean energy solutions implementation at grass roots


  • Facilitate implementation of multiple clean cooking solutions based on grass roots understanding and matchmaking for users the most appropriate solution for maximum impact. (these solutions could range from biomass based solutions, solar solutions, bio-gas based solutions) 
  • Capacity building for grassroots NGO working on clean cooking mandates
  • Community based & grass roots oriented communication towards behaviour change for positive adoption of a clean cooking programme
  • Integrating clean fuel proposition as part of integrated solution towards clean cooking

The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working towards curbing the problem of Household Air Pollution.


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