Dediapada, Gujarat (2019-2020)

Dediapada is a town in the Southernmost region of Gujarat. It’s a part of the Narmada District. The region is surrounded by forest and is abundant with diverse flora and fauna and home to many animal species as well. The beneficiary community of our training programme in the village are that of the Vasavas. They are a part of the Bhil community from West India. 

The dominant occupation is farming and most households appear self-sustained, at the least. They mostly grow paddy, wheat, corn, among other crops. Grass roots organisation Jeevantirth works with the rural and tribal community in the context of Education, Livelihoods, Tribal & Dalit Rights and Preservation of Tribal Knowledge. 


We started our intervention in Dediapada March 2019 and continued working in the region till January 2020. Our training programme was a very successful one, where we trained over 40 community participants and installed about 25 chulahs in the villages.

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