Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

A community Focussed Training Model

Through our training program – the Smokeless Cookstove Revolution, SCF seeks to train the rural, migrant and tribal population with the skill of making a ‘virtually zero-cost, efficient & improved cookstove’ that has a considerably reduced smoke output based on the principles of Rocket Stove Technology. Based on the Rocket Stove Technology, the Stove uses far less fuel than traditional chulhas and emits lesser fumes, efficiency is also improved as cooking time is reduced and the family members can use that time for furtherance of their livelihood (Daily wage, education, etc.).

The raw materials used include locally available mud or clay, cut dry grass, rice puffs, cow dung and bricks. Special metal moulds with specific dimensions are used to make the base for the chulah – also known as the doughnut. The metal mould can be manufactured for under INR 700 and thereafter be used to make several hundred stoves. While the Chulha does not compete with other models of the Improved Cook Stoves available in the market, the solution provides immediate adaptability as it is not very different from a traditional chulha and is a ‘no-cost’ solution.

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Smokeless Cookstove Farm services

Since the last few years, we have seen the emergence of many conscious agricultural and dairy farms where the owners are keen to follow sustainable practices in order to protect fast diminishing planetary boundaries.More often than not, a large part of their cooking and boiling of water is fulfilled through traditional open cook fire methods. Since these farms cater to a large workforce and animal population, their dependency of fire wood is massive.

Our community sized chulhas are an apt solution for this requirement. So far we have installed our chulhas in a few farms in the vicinity of Mumbai. These chulahs are installed at minimal cost to the farm owners and through them, our end objective is to reach and influence the nearby communities

Some of our farm partners

Hideout Farms (Palghar, Maharashtra)

Situated in Palghar district of Maharashtra, Hideout Farms has been one of the first users of our Rocket Stove Technology based zero cost mud chulhas. Installed in 2018, farm’s host family uses this chulha to cook traditional meals for their guests. As an extension of this intervention, our team also introduced the concept of this mud chulha to nearby villages of Sajjan and Sheel. The family also made sure that their farm staff also installs these chulhas in their homes to reduce smoke and dependency of firewood.

Kesariya Farms (Shahpur, Thane, Maharashtra)

A more recent partnership, we have installed two of our chulahs at a very ethically run Dairy farm in Shahpur, Thane District in Maharashtra. @kesariyafrm managed by Mr. Deepak Bhanushali is a farm which is working towards making dairy farming more than a commercial milk business. His cattle are so well looked after that he even has an onsite vet to monitor their health and food. He told us about his plans on working towards all year round food security for farmers from adivasi villages in the vicinity, bringing in permaculture education for the community, introducing concepts of maintaining soil fertility and several other sustainable initiatives. We are of course super excited to set up our smokeless chulahs for his onsite team of about 18 people who have traveled from Kutch, Gujarat

If you are a sustainable farm looking at replacing your open cook fire chulhas with more efficient, less polluting and reduced wood consumption, do get in touch with us.

    The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working towards curbing the problem of Household Air Pollution.


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