SCF’s signature training programmes are teaching communities to make insulated burn tubes that are highly efficient and as they get hot enough to burn, they even burn out the smoke which results in a clean fire. Data and user feedback has confirmed that these stoves use far less wood because they simply burn efficiently and are a two-burner pot in design. Hence allowing women to cook two dishes simultaneously using the same bundle of wood. These chulahs are too simple and too effective to not be used as an interim improved cooking solution. In India, currently our projects are going in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh with initial pilots across several other states. Since the initiation of this programme, SCR team has been able to introduce the  idea of this ‘simple looking, zero cost, highly efficient and virtually smokeless’ mud chulah in 9 Indian states, amongst almost 80 districts and villages and over a 1200 people. Today, over a 1000 families who have adopted our chulah are happy as the women who cook on them are happy. There is nothing more precious than the health and well-being of women who cook and nurture the families and the children who grown up in a healthy environment. The simplicity and ease of cultural adaptability has made this ‘Rocket chulah’ positively acceptable within these communities and we are hoping to take this idea to several other communities who live with the menace of open cook fires…

Madhya Pradesh, Khandwa Project

After having done a pilot for six months, In June 2018, in association with Glenmark Foundation and Spandan Sewa Samaj Samiti, SCF launched a Programme in the Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh to provide interim relief in the kitchens of the Korku Tribe.


As per the partner NGO, Spandan Sewa Samaj Samiti’s research, spandan4change Korku Tribe of Madhya Pradesh is one of the few tribes to still have some of its aboriginal and traditional customs intact. There are about 185 Korku Families (~65%) of the total village households numbering 288. Most of these families are small or marginal farmers and have to supplement their livelihood by daily wage earning as well. Spandan has been working among the community since a decade and has been striving to address the major issues facing them: malnutrition, household food insecurity, distress migration, preservation of their endangered language and culture

Field Work and Trainings

Since December 2016 we have been actively engaging communities in various parts of India around the concept of Smokeless Cookstove Revolution. This was birthed in Ladakh 2016 out of prototyping work for the Himalayan Rocket Stove project. As a result of these early trials, the Smokeless Cookstove Foundation was formed to oversee, manage and guide the various outreach programs happening under the SCR banner.

The Smokeless Cookstove Foundation is a Non-profit organisation working towards curbing the problem of Household Air Pollution.


Red Earth And Smokeless Fire

by Nitisha Agrawal | Jan 10, 2019 |


by Nitisha Agrawal | Feb 4, 2019 |

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